6 month chart of GME via Google

Gamestop got a billionaire investor over the summer, a massively rising stock price, and massive interest from a motivated and passionate following. As you can see from the chart above, they’ve added over 10 Billion in market cap, mostly in the past few days. They are now massively overvalued for what standard guidance or revenues say. You can read about the story all over the internet, but I’m here to ask another question.

What if they didn’t crash back to the ground?

What if new investors stayed in, and the company treated this cash influx smartly, if not radically? …

Observation of the Orion Nebula, taken with Telescope.Live Dec 14, 2020 and post-processed by Author.

I took this photo two days ago from a $150,000 telescope, did my own post-processing, and have this beautiful look into the depths of space to show for it.

In actuality, it was more of a commission. I do not own the telescope, I was not there in Spain when it was captured, and I do not have the astrophotography skills to set everything up for the multiple long exposures, color filters, and image stitching that were done by experts who took it for me. …

Photo by Author, 12/5/2020. Minneapolis, MN

A List of 15+ Local Twin Cities Virtual Fitness & Wellness Classes

The cold, dark, and long winters make us northerners tough. I could have easily started this article off by talking about how it’s the winters that are tough, but I thought it more important to call out our own resilience.

We’ve made it through seasons before, and this one will be no different… well, maybe a little different. …

Part I of III—Where we are and how we got here.

Network Nodes — Electronic Lines & Web of Connections
Network Nodes — Electronic Lines & Web of Connections
Image by Pixabay via Pexels

Social Media is a distorted reflection of us, and it’s time to lens correct.

It’s easy to blame social media giants for confining us to bubbles, polarizing our perspectives, and letting bots run rampant as we fear censorship of free thought. It’s harder to take a look at ourselves or ask eloquently for change.

Many* have attempted to write about these dire potentialities since the onset of the web, but their valiant efforts have hardly held back the stratospheric rise of social networks or reinformed the misguided way we use them.

Social networking started out as a genuine and novel way to connect us. We smiled mostly as we watched user numbers skyrocket and…

A 15-minute experiment in publishing to remember why I write.

Photo of a spider web with reflected sunlight, on a deck.
Photo of a spider web with reflected sunlight, on a deck.
Why do I write? Why does a spider spin its web? Photo by Author, 2020.

I rarely write because I don’t start or finish. It’s hard to start anything new when you have 5 articles in progress. It’s almost impossible to finish anything that doesn’t have your full attention.

Chasing perfectability, I endlessly add new ideas to blog posts while simultaneously making them less coherent, and less likely to see the light of day. When that realization sets in, I naturally run off to add content to another article, destined for the same vicious cycle.

I’m like a baker who adds another touch of frosting…

The people of Minneapolis have demonstrated their ability to gather to ensure voices are heard, and the city-council has vowed action to do things differently; to disband the police department and build something new. What type of community public safety will emerge in a post-police state? Is our strength in community & ability to organize enough to alleviate fears of something so vastly different? We’ll need an open conversation to find out.

Marchers head from US Bank Stadium to the George Floyd Memorial during the, “Unfinished Business March” put on by the 10K Foundation

Early on during the pandemic, a monthly call with a team of coaches & mentors I’m part of led to the discussion of an alternative organization of responders…

After 5 sleepless nights of grief, uncertainty, and conflagrations, my hometown Twin Cities has shown up to document, clean up, support each others basic needs, and march on until justice is served in the murder of George Floyd. As if it wasn’t already, sh*t just got real.

Video of South Minneapolis fires via Jourdan Gomez on Instagram, May 28th, 2020

Day 3 of the 8:00PM Curfew in Minneapolis gave way to a gathered walk downtown dubbed the, “Take A Knee March”, and it had every feeling and organization of something intentional and peaceful. With the eyes of the world placed…

Right now, focus on optimizing your personal immunity. Next, pay attention to who’s being good to others; applaud, then join in.

Photo by Matt Cannon, April 2020.

First, focus on personal immunity.

Physically and mentally, our personal immunity is at the core of this pandemic. It is the common vector that influences our overall susceptibility, our ability to recover, and the overall rate of spread. We fear for our personal immunity because it’s undefinable. This cycle depletes our physical and mental reserves, leaving us unable to navigate through information overload, much less plan for our future. Chronically ill, or abundantly healthy; none of us gets a free pass from COVID-19. That doesn’t mean we can’t do something about it as individuals. …

Photo of the moon in the night sky with clouds passing by the far left side. Photo by Matt Cannon, Taken April 4th, 2020
Photo of the moon in the night sky with clouds passing by the far left side. Photo by Matt Cannon, Taken April 4th, 2020
Photo of the moon in the night sky with clouds passing by the far left side. Photo by Matt Cannon, Taken April 4th, 2020 — Minneapolis, MN

50+ actionable questions to skim for a sense of chill.

As I look to provide meaningful signal in today’s noisy environment, I came across a list I wrote for myself at the beginning of the year, and it seemed helpful to share as a checklist for finding center & calm in triggered times.

This list is based on a sort of New Year’s Resolution I made for 2020 and just rediscovered. The resolution was to call upon this list if I ever felt down, uncertain or hijacked by anxious emotions.

So far, it’s been a surprisingly relevant checklist for the…

If you take care of yourself, optimize your mindset & find something aspirational to do, you’ll come out of this in a better place.

This past Friday marked the 14th day since the national emergency was declared here in the United States for the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Whether we’ve known about it for longer than that or had a chance to act earlier, here we are. We finished the week with a stimulus plan, a rising stock market, and warming spring temperatures.

We deserve at least some credit for getting this far—and two weeks feels like a good milestone, but it’s also a dangerous one.

For most of us, our days have been scattered with ups and downs between know-how and confidence to uncertainty and…

Matthew Cannon

Entrepreneur from Minneapolis, MN with a passion for community, wellness & optimal living. Flow Genome Project Certified Coach | Chief Growth Officer @Jamstik

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